Hyreskartan - about the data

Last updated: 2021-04-16

1. Map base - boundaries of the stadsdelar/districts

Generated by myself based on a dataset released on the Stockholm data portal.

I have released the resulting geojson files into public domain (CC0) at https://github.com/krasch/stockholm-stadsdelar. That repository also contains additional documentation about the geodata.

2. Kötider / waiting times

All the data displayed on the map comes from the statistics page of Stockholms Bostadsförmedling.

The statistics page also allows you to filter apartments based on different criteria:

Screenshot of Stockholms Bostadsförmedling statistiktjänst

You might observe that the waiting times and number of apartments shown by hyreskartan slightly differ from the ones shown on the official site. This is due to small differences in the aggregation of the data, which are detailed below.

Antal rum / number of rooms

Affected apartments 154 apartments with 1.5 rooms
54 apartments with 2.5 rooms
14 apartments with 3.5 rooms
8 apartments with 4.5 rooms
Official site When you select "Antal rum=2", only apartments with exactly two rooms are returned. Apartments with 1.5 or 2.5 rooms are not included. Same for all the other room sizes.
The only way to see apartments with e.g. 1.5 rooms is to select "Antal rum=Alla".
Hyreskartan The number of rooms is rounded down, i.e. 1.5 room apartments are grouped together with 1 room apartments, etc.

Affected apartments 1 apartment with 8 rooms
Official site This apartment is not returned when you select "Antal rum = 5+".
Hyreskartan The apartment is included when you select "5+" rooms.

Lägenhetstyp / type of apartment

Affected apartments 664 apartments that are marked as "Ungdom"
600 apartments that are marked as "Ungdom korttid"
Official site There is no way to select "Ungdom". If you select "Korttid", then apartments marked as "Ungdom korttid" are not included.
Hyreskartan There is a checkbox for "Ungdom". Check both "Ungdom" and "Inkludera korttid" to see also "Ungdom korttid" apartments.

Affected apartments 17 apartments marked as "Kollektivhus"
1 apartment marked as "Radhus"
1 apartment marked as "Tillgänglighetsanpassad"
Official site There is no specific filter for these apartments, you will only see them if you select "Lägenhetstyp=Alla"
Hyreskartan These apartments are grouped with "Vanlig hyresrätt" (which is, to be honest, a bit of a stretch for the "Kollektivhus" ones..)

Nyproduktion / new builds

Affected apartments 28 apartments
Official site These apartments either don't show up when selecting "Endast nyproduktion", despite them being tagged as "nyproduktion" in the full apartment ad (annonsen). Or they don't show up when selecting "Utan nyproduktion", despite them not being tagged as "nyproduktion" in the apartment ad. In the latter case, these apartments are often tagged as "nyrenoverade"
Hyreskartan "Nyproduktion" / "Not nyproduktion" for these apartments is based on the tags in the apartment ad. "nyrenoverade" is grouped with "Not nyproduktion".

Kötider / waiting times

Since the data is from 2020, the waiting time selected by the user is subtracted by 1 (at the time of writing it is 2021).
Affected apartments All
Official site The waiting times are given as two-year wide intervals, e.g. if you have waited 3.5 years, you would fall into the [2-4] years interval. Apartments with 20+ years waiting times are combined into a ">20" group.
Hyreskartan The waiting times are rounded up to the nearest year. Apartments with 20+ years are not grouped together.
(Reason for rounding up: being conservative when showing results on the map. If the person who got the apartment waited 4.2 years, you should only see the apartment when you pick a waiting time >= 5 years)